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While it's not uncommon for men to have enlarged breasts, most don't talk about it or do anything to correct it. It can affect the way you look at yourself and the way you feel about your appearance. It's always on your mind when choosing clothing. You dread having to take off your shirt at the beach. Simply put, you're embarrassed. Male breast reduction surgery at The Plastic Surgery Group can give you a renewed sense of confidence by helping you have a more natural, masculine-looking chest.

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Male Breast Reduction FAQs

Is male breast reduction right for me?

Male breast reduction improves the appearance of enlarged male breasts, also called gynecomastia. Our Albany plastic surgeons understand the self-consciousness many men and teenage boys feel because of enlarged breasts and nipples. This procedure is performed to provide a variety of improvements including:

  • Reducing enlarged breasts
  • Reshaping puffy, enlarged nipples
  • Balancing size between uneven breasts or nipples
  • Improving the appearance of large, sagging breasts after massive weight loss
  • Increasing confidence while clothed and while shirtless
How is male breast reduction performed?

Male breast reduction is performed on an outpatient basis and is usually complete in just an hour or 2 at the surgery center near our office or, in some more limited cases, in the office. General or local anesthetic will be used depending on the type and extent of surgery your plastic surgeon has planned for you. This will be discussed in detail with you during your private consultation.

Your surgeon will make small incisions in areas that are not noticeable, such as around the nipples or in the armpits. If excess fat is the primary cause of your enlarged breasts, liposuction alone may be used to give you a more masculine look. In other cases, excess skin and breast tissue may need to be surgically excised.

How much does male breast reduction cost?

The cost for male breast reduction surgery is about $6,500 and will vary with the complexity of your procedure. We offer financing options to help the cost fit within most patients' financial situations. For the most positive surgical outcome, we recommend considering your surgeon's credentials over issues of cost.

What is recovery like after male breast reduction surgery?

After male breast reduction surgery, it's normal to feel sore and have some bruising and swelling. Your plastic surgeon will prescribe medication that will help you feel more comfortable during the first day or 2 following your surgery. Wearing a prescribed elasticized bandage will help alleviate swelling. You'll be advised to wear this for a couple of weeks, particularly at night when sleeping. Your plastic surgeon will give you detailed postoperative instructions that will help you feel comfortable and enhance the healing process. Here's what you can expect in general, but keep in mind that your experience may vary.

The downtime following male breast reduction surgery is generally short. You'll be up and walking around on the day of your procedure. Many men return to work within a couple of days.

If stitches were placed during the surgery, they will most likely be removed in 1 to 2 weeks. If drains were used, they will be removed after a week.

It's important to avoid strenuous activities, heavy exercise, and contact sports for 2 to 3 weeks following your surgery.

You will need about a month to completely recuperate before returning to your regular activities.

Sunlight can affect the pigmentation of your skin, especially around the area of the incisions, and make the scars much darker than they would be if not exposed to direct sunlight. Therefore, it's important to keep a shirt on whenever you're out in the sun for at least the first 6 weeks. If you do go swimming or otherwise expose your chest to the sun, wear sunblock and limit your exposure time.

What are potential risks and complications?

Male breast reduction surgery is a safe and relatively risk-free procedure that can greatly enhance a man's self-confidence. All surgery carries with it some risk of infection or an adverse reaction to anesthesia, but these conditions can be effectively treated by medication prescribed by your plastic surgeon.

Why are my breasts so prominent?

Enlarged male breasts can be caused by excess fatty or glandular tissue beneath the breasts or by excess skin tissue around the breasts. This is a relatively common condition in men and can be easily corrected through male breast reduction surgery. Causes include hormone imbalances, steroids, and certain medications, but for many patients, there is no known cause.

Does insurance cover male breast reduction surgery?

In most cases insurance does not cover this procedure, but you should check with your insurance provider and discuss insurance coverage with your plastic surgeon.

What's the downtime associated with male breast reduction surgery?

Downtime is quite short for this surgery. In most cases, men are back at work in just a couple of days. Full recovery may take up to a month or more, but you may resume many of your normal activities during this time.

How long will the results last?

Male breast reduction surgery provides a lasting solution for this relatively common problem among men.

Just one of my breasts appears too large. Is this normal?

In some cases, a man will have one breast that is larger than the other because there is excess fatty or glandular tissue beneath that breast or excess skin around it. Our surgeons can correct the enlarged breast through male breast reduction surgery, focusing on symmetry.

Will I be in the hospital?

In most cases, male breast reduction surgery is performed on an outpatient basis and you'll return home the same day of your surgery. Sometimes, in more complex cases, a brief hospital stay will be required.

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