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If you've lost a substantial amount of weight, it's likely you're feeling more attractive and energized. However, you might also be self-conscious about loose, sagging skin on your upper arms. Arm lift surgery in Albany at The Plastic Surgery Group can help tighten and contour your arms to help restore a more youthful and sculpted appearance.

Procedure Details

In our Albany practice, arm lift surgery is often performed as part of a comprehensive body-contouring plan for people who have undergone massive weight loss or as an individual procedure. We often combine this procedure with liposuction, a thigh lift, a tummy tuck, or other body contouring procedures. Your plastic surgeon will create a customized surgical plan designed to help you reach your aesthetic goals.

Arm lift surgery is usually performed on an outpatient basis either in a surgery center or a hospital, using a general aesthesia so that you will be completely comfortable. This procedure involves the plastic surgeon making incisions on the underside of the arms. These incisions, in most cases, extend from near the armpit down to the area around the elbow. Your plastic surgeon will then remove some of the excess skin tissue and reposition the skin on the underside of the arm, tightening it and eliminating the sagging, flabby appearance of the skin. The incisions will be closed with stitches and the arms will be bandaged.

Immediately following arm lift surgery, you may experience some mild discomfort, which can be relieved by medications prescribed by your plastic surgeon. You will also notice some swelling in the areas of the surgery and in most cases this swelling will lessen and completely go away within a couple of weeks. Within a week, your bandages will be removed and you will be able to return to work, being careful to avoid over-strenuous activity and lifting. Usually, patients who have undergone arm lift surgery can resume exercise regimens within just a couple of weeks following the procedure.

After your arm lift surgery, you will notice scars on the underside of your arms. These scars will gradually fade over time, and within about 6 months you will see that the scars have faded substantially and are far less noticeable. Your Albany plastic surgeon will discuss all of these post-surgery stages of healing with you during your private consultation. You will be scheduled for several follow-up visits to your plastic surgeon during your recuperation process.

Potential Risks or Complications
All surgery comes with some risks including the development of an infection around the surgical area or an adverse reaction to anesthesia. If these rare situations occur, they can be treated effectively by prescription medication. Your plastic surgeon will discuss these potential complications with you during your pre-surgery consultation.

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Arm Lift FAQs

Is the cost of arm lift surgery covered by insurance?

In most cases, the cost of arm lift surgery is not covered by insurance. But, you should contact your insurance company to make sure, and discuss this with your plastic surgeon.

How long does the surgery take?

In most cases, arm lift surgery is completed in 1 or 2 hours on an outpatient basis.

Will I be able to go back to work quickly?

Most patients who have arm lift surgery can resume working within a week or so following the procedure. It is important to avoid strenuous activity such as heavy lifting during the first week you return to work.

Will the scars be very noticeable?

As with all surgery, scarring is inevitable with arm lift surgery. However, your talented plastic surgeon at The Plastic Surgery Group has the experience to minimize the visibility of the scars. Over time, your scars will continue to fade and will become less and less noticeable.

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